Tuesday, 17 February 2009


We've been doing some redecorating, finding a place for a few favourite magazines, putting up some pictures, changing accessories from A to B.
It's an ever evolving process, as it's always improved by a new piece we find, or by giving a new purpose to an old one, so it's an ever changing canvas.
In the process of this overall change, i fell in love again with an old favourite of mine, Bassotto, a royal blue dachshund from Bitossi which sat sadly on the cofee table and now looks lovely next to some magazines and books.
The italian brand has a never ending variety of products to choose from, but i particularly love their Rimini Blue collection with its ceramic figurines and vases, which is quite eclectic and retro and has enough presence to look good on its own, or proudly displayed next to other prized possessions.

( Written and Photographed by Lola )

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