Thursday, 26 February 2009


Last week, and for the second time, i visited the beautiful swiss city of Basel and the nearby Vitra architectural compound, located in the small german town of Weil am Rhein.
Like in so many other exhibitions that Vitra has shown in its amazing Design Museum, designed by Frank Gehry, the George Nelson one takes an in-depth look on the american designers' work. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Nelson's birth (1908), the exhibition is the first comprehensive retrospective of his career.
From the most renowned classics - the Marshmallow Sofa or the vast collection of wall clocks are just two examples - to the innovative office furniture that Nelson designed in the fifties and sixties, the exhibition also shows other areas where Nelson introduced his creativity, such as graphic design, photography, literature and exhibition design.
From all the projects and pieces featured in the presentation, i especially loved the Experimental House size model, a prefab home that never left the paper, the delicate Miniature Chests, and last but not least, the beautiful range of sofas that Nelson designed over his career.

Open until May 3rd, 2009.

( Written and Photographed by Álvaro )

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