Monday, 11 June 2007


Not many things are as wholesome as the wonderfully sweet smell of a fresh baked cake, savoured slowly and preciously surrounded by the ones you love.
Although not very fond of sugary foods herself, Rose Carrarini became a pastry chef almost two decades ago, and now, after Villandry in Marylebone and the more recent Rose Bakery in Paris and Dover Street Market (both of which created along husband Jean-Charles), she launched the most perfect book called 'Breakfast Lunch Tea', a compilation of 100 of her favourite gourmet recipes, ranging from carrot cake to risottos and soups, and focused as much on flavour as on being healthy.

Besides the mouth-watering dishes, the book is beautifully illustrated with more than 100 comissioned photos by photographer Toby Glanville, which far from being 'pretty perfect' goumet shots, are so raw and real you can almost feel the creative process around each dish.
Published by Phaidon.
( Written and Photographed by Lola )

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