Thursday, 23 April 2009


We our new cushions... Inspired by nature and so decorative, they come in two designs and mesure 45x30 cms (18 by 12 inches).
'Adelie', which features two Adélie penguins and a blooming heart on a dotty print, is available in beautiful colours such as grass green, black, hot pink, lime, peacock and pistachio, and 'Dachshund', featuring a wiener dog, plays up the most gorgeous earthy colours like ginger, rust, chocolate, latte, yellow and peach.
Both are shipped with stuffer.
Recently, the 'Dachshund' cushion has made an appearance - along with Ms Oink - on a lovely new blog called Miyo Wada Wants. Check it out here.
( Written by Lola, Photographed by Álvaro )

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