Tuesday, 22 April 2008


We all know that having a chaotic and stressful lifestyle isn't good for you. There's no denying it.
We also know that whenever possible we should eat organic, fairtrade and (in an ideal world we would all be) vegetarian.We're also aware of harmful chemicals in everyday products... Not only the supermarket kind (which besides being in the large majority cruelly tested on animals, are also dangerous chemical cocktails) but also some mainstream luxury natural brands who appear more eco fill their products with parabens and other harmful chemicals.

I've been a vegetarian since i was 15, and having recently turned 30, i'm everyday more aware of what my actions may result in the greater picture.I always take the holistic approach in life, and being an health and beauty junkie, for me it's an absolute must to use products which aren't tested on animals. Then i look for something which is made from natural ingredients, preferably organic, and aren't packed full with the aforementioned chemicals. And at the end the day, i still have to enjoy the product's texture, smell (or lack of it), and the end result on my skin and hair...

Because it's a hard task to pick your favourites from the jumble of ethical and non-ethical brands, Content, in London's Marylebone, is an eco-luxury boutique filled with some of the best all-natural beauty and wellbeing products on offer.The owner, Imelda Burke, has researched for 2 years for brands which are Soil Association Certified, Ecocert approved, carbon neutral, and free of animal testing, parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, SLS, synthetic fragrances and further 25 commonly used synthetic chemicals.

Far from the hippie look that unfortunately is often associated with green issues, it's a glamorous black space with beautiful vintage furniture and an array of exquisite brands such as Suki, Ila, Dr Hauschka, Jo Wood Organics, Suzanne aux Bains, Baby Bear Shop, Stem Organics, Pure Potions, John Masters Organics haircare, Tea and Philosophy teas, Postlethwaite's tinctures, Tsi-La 100% natural fragrances, and the delightful nail polish range from Butter London, which is totally free from Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP.

Catering for all the family, you'll find products for the smallest and the most senior members, so shop online or, if in the neighbourhood, drop by. Let's make Earth Day every single day.

CONTENT Beauty Wellbeing at 14 Bulstrode St., Marylebone

( Written by Lola, Photos courtesy of Content )

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