Thursday, 7 February 2008


I'm constantly disappointed with movies. More often than not, i feel the need to never, ever step foot on a movie theater again. I really do.
Upon seeing the Atonement trailer i instantly knew this wouldn't be one of those movies, and was right.
Based on a novel by Ian McEwan - adapted to screenplay by Christopher Hampton - and directed by Joe Wright, it takes place in an english country house in 1935, in the hottest day of the year, in a glorious peaceful time between WI and WII.
It tells the story of Cecilia Tallis (played by Keira Knightley), the older and somewhat distant daughter of an upper-class family, and Robbie Turner (played by James McAvoy), the kind-hearted son of the housekeeper, who clearly has feelings for Cecilia - feelings she also has but doesn't admit owning. Briony, Cecilia's 13 year-old sister, is quite prodigious for her age, but when stumbling upon a situation she doesn't quite fully understand, the child inside her speaks louder, a dreadful lie is told, and lives are ruined... her own included.
The performances throughout the movie are truly spectacular, and so is the period wardrobe and photography, which begins bright and sunny but turns greyer and greyer with each scene, only made more obvious by the beautiful, breathtaking music.
This is one of the many stories of a period in our history that although terrible and filled with sorrow, also tells a tale of hope and love.
I can't stop but wondering how many wonderful books must be hidden in the memories of those who survived the war, some of them still alive today.

The Baftas will take place this Sunday, 10th February, on 195 Piccadilly, and Atonement is nominated for 14 awards, including best film, director, adapted screenplay, leading actor, leading actress, music, wardrobe... the list is just too long to go on.
Quite beautiful and emotional, this is my favourite movie, set on my favourite historic period, so i'm quite biased in hoping it wins in all categories.
In the meanwhile, and before the ceremony, one can always visit its entertaining website, explore the visual book, read the novel, purchase the newly released DVD, and listen to the truly wonderful soundtrack by Dario Marianelli.
True food for the soul.

( Written by Lola )

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