Wednesday, 3 October 2007


Plain white, painted in a colour block or covered by beautiful wallpaper, walls are great places to display images and memories.
Wishing to create a set that eases the task of hanging favourite photographs and paintings ( like this old-fashioned Portobello find ), Kirsty Allsopp - an english real estate guru - created for her brand Moving Sense a retro looking box called Picture Hanging Kit.
Filled with the essential tools needed for the task, such as a claw hammer, tape measure, pencil and spirit level, the helpful kit is not only useful and handy, but also very easy to make low-key due to its book-like appearance.
Besides this one, Moving Sense provides two more practical kits: the Starter Tool Kit and the Sewing Kit.

( Written by Álvaro, Photographed by Lola )

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