Monday, 3 September 2007


The new issue of Mexx Connect magazine is dedicated to one of our favourite subjects, world travel.
Available in both print and online mode, inspiringly named Modern Nomads and entirely devoted to the art of travelling well, this issue features among others, Nomadic Essentials, a well-put together and beautifully designed guide for those who make travelling a way of life. Among Wallpaper's City Guides, the gorgeous Apple I-Phone, and even a foldable guitar by DeVillain for those who can't say no to a jam session, our soft toys (aka Cool Cuddlies) have also made an appearance, where you can read:

'The new rage in soft toys, popularly called the ''designer plush'' trend, is turning cuddly companions into travel must-haves for kids big and small.
While plush for kids generally act as a safety blanket on the road,''they're fast becoming a much coveted fashion accessory for trend-aware nomads'', says Lola of La Maison de Lola. ''Like other in-demand products, they act as a joint visual link between people globally.'' Her plush Foodie and Creatures creations, with names like Mr Pumpkin and Ms A. Lee Anne, are handmade and have unique personalities and interests such as yoga, pottery and karaoke. They even have their own blog where the toys talk about the latest design news, whether a new hotel, a Vitra re-issue of an Eames classic or designer dog leashes.'

You can read more press clippings here.
( Written by Lola )

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