Friday, 21 September 2007


The best way to get around a city is definitely on foot... If with plently of time and energy to spare, nothing beats enjoying the views up-close, feeling a gentle breeze on your face, mingle with the locals and, of course, do a bit of leg-shaping exercise.
With this in mind, Chronicle Books has the most practical guides, City Walks, a small kit containing 50 cards divided by city area, with a map on one side and the proposed walk on the other.
Available in 16 versions, including London ( seen here ), Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Vancouver, and Los Angeles, it's a great way to enjoy a city like the natives do.
And for travelling with kids there's also two child-friendly City Walks on offer: the kids version of the New York and San Francisco guides.

( Written and Photographed by Lola )

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