Friday, 22 June 2007


Natasha Law's work is at the same time delicate and intense, soft and empowering. The first time i had a glimpse of it was on the pages of british Vogue a few years ago - a red on white ink sketch featuring a woman from behind, so demure yet incredibly striking.
Her highly recognizable work, which portrays the female form in saturated glossy paintings and deceptively carefree illustrations, has since then appeared, among others, on solo exhibitions at Eleven in London and Voltz Clarke in New York, a few books, and commercial ventures such as
Jemma Kidd's makeup range and accessories designer Beatrix Ong's shoe boxes.

Law, a mother of three and sister to actor Jude, works from her studio in Camberwell, South London, to which she sneaks off when the children are in bed. Since last year, the artist has added yet another dimension to her work in the form of Lou Lou and Law, a clothing brand featuring her trademark sketches on Ann Louise Roswald's clothing designs, and available at a few select shops.

( Written by Lola )

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