Monday, 14 May 2007


We love the great outdoors... Planting something beautiful and watching it grow, breathing in the fresh air while listening to the sound of birds.
To make the most of the outdoorsy experience, Smythson has, among its vast collection of notebooks, one especially dedicated to those of us who quite like the idea of being green-fingered (whether or not we succeed at it is another matter altogether!).
Suitably titled 'Gardening Notes', the emerald-green notebook is cleverly indexed and divided into themes such as 'roses', 'herbaceous', 'pots and terrace', 'bulbs', 'greenhouse', and so on, letting you write your notes in a neat and organized way.
Be it a bunch of flowers or a tree, in a garden or window-box, it's certainly a positive way to welcome the sunny season.
( Written by Lola / Photo courtesy of Smythson )

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