Monday, 21 May 2007


Shoes, shoes, and more shoes. Although not always in need of yet another pair, we just seem to fall in love with its sculptural designs, its colours and materials, and even the way they can effortlessly take you back to a bygone era.
As shoe designers go, not many are as gifted as british designer Rupert Sanderson.

In business since August 2001 and passionate for the craft of shoe making, Sanderson spends 4 months of the year in Italy overlooking the artisans’ work, making sure each shoe is a piece of pure perfection.
Always named after a variety of daffodil, his designs come in five toe shapes, and heel heights which range from 10mm flats to 10 cm stilettos. Far from trying to be fashionable, the emphasis is on simplicity, silhouette and elegance, something which makes him work not only for his namesake brand, but to be also highly requested by prestigious labels such as Margareth Howell and Jean Muir.

Besides the lovely designs of his current collection (soon to be replaced by the A/W 07 one), we’re in love with his elegant boutiques, the first opened in 2004, with furniture sourced by architectural salvage company Retrouvious. In addition to the heavenly shoes, you can also buy a piece of furniture, attend a tea party, and taste the home-made cake, a speciality in its own right.

If in London, be sure to visit Rupert Sanderson’s first boutique at 33 Bruton Place, Mayfair, or the recently opened at 2a Hans Road, Knightsbridge.
( Written by Lola / Photos courtesy of Rupert Sanderson )

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