Tuesday, 29 May 2007


In 1887 two german men living in Portugal, Ferdinand Claus and Georges Ph. Schweder, founded the first Portuguese factory of soaps and perfumes in the northern city of Oporto.
Fast forward a century, two decades and a whole lot of history, and Claus Porto remains the portuguese face of luxury bath products, making an appearance in some of the most beautifully put together bathrooms worldwide.
With a wide range of products from scented candles to bath salts, our absolute favourites are the '12 Months of Soap' gift box, containing twelve tradicionally packaged soaps for each month of the year, and the 'Luxury Guest Soaps' kit, available in three versions, in a pretty golden-hued box cointaining 15 soaps of 5 varieties, and so colourful they look almost good enough to eat (but please don't!).

As the saying goes, Cleanliness is next to Godliness... so lock up your bathroom, light up a scented candle, and drift away in the pleasures of bathing.

( Written by Lola / Photo courtesy of Lafco)

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